Takeaway In Kingswood: 6 Ways To Crack A Curry

Most of us can’t resist devouring a delicious Indian curry, whether it’s from your local takeaway in Kingswood or homemade (so much more nourishing, tastier and cheaper). To make sure your curry is first-rate every time, just follow our six simple tricks for a cracking curry.


1.     The Power of Chillies


Because there’s such a variety of chillies on the market, it’s often tricky to get the balance of heat spot-on when it comes to cooking a curry. It’s best to try a tiny amount of raw chilli prior to cooking to make sure you get the quantity bang on – but be sure to have a glass of milk nearby! During the cooking process, the heat of fresh chilli decreases. If you fancy a curry that’s milder in flavour, throw them in as soon as you start cooking. Or if you’re feeling particularly daring, put them in later.


2.     Add Some Spice


The real secret to a great curry is to ensure your spices are super fresh. Out-of-date spices aren’t a good addition to any Indian dish, so throw out that gone-off turmeric that’s been at the back of your cupboard for ages. For best results, you can grind your own spices in fairly small amounts and store them in airtight containers then use them within a couple of days or weeks. If you’re strapped for time, consider using an electric grinder to blitz up whole spices in split-seconds.


3.     Fresh, Aromatic Spices


While spices are generally fried at the beginning of cooking a dish, it can also be advantageous to sprinkle them in later. In terms of garam masala, it’s best to add this spice towards the end of cooking, as it adds a whole new level of pungency to the dish. Just before plating up, mix a small amount into your curry to release all those fresh, fragrant flavours.


4.     Don’t Skimp on Oil


Great takeaways in Kingswood involve using quite a lot of ghee or oil in their dishes. Or if you’re cooking the curry yourself, make sure you thoroughly fry off the spices to stop them tasting grainy and harsh – just be wary of burning them. To avoid your spice mix looking dry, pour in more water or oil, one drop at a time, so the spices fry rather than boil. Generally, you should fry spices for roughly 40 seconds, or if you’re adding water, two minutes is best.


5.     Silky Sauces


Takeaways in Kingswood nearly always use professional chefs who work their magic to create thick, silky sauces that are often difficult to recreate at home. What you can do, though, is use natural thickening agents, like coconut milk, yoghurt, or tomato puree to get the texture spot-on. To give your curry the wow factor, you could throw in some ground nuts, like peanuts or almonds.


6.     Slow Cooking is Key


And last but not least, take your time. The use of a slow cooker can be a godsend to create the ultimate Indian curry. Onions are a staple in Indian cookery, so it’s important to get them perfect. You’ll need to cook them slowly, until soft, then brown them off by turning up the heat. The darker the onion, the more flavour it has. So, take your time to enable the aromas to build and achieve an authentic, flavour-rich curry you can be proud of.

Who said you always have to call the local takeaway in Kingswood for a deliciously satisfying dish? Follow these tips, and you’ll nail the perfect curry at home, every time.

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