Indian Cuisine – Exotic, Mouth Watering Flavours

When it comes to enjoying a meal, many of us like to try new and exciting things as well as finding solutions when we are tired and do not want to cook! Bangladeshi cuisine is a popular choice, but what is it that makes great Bangladeshi food? Read on to find out the history of food from India and find some inspiration for your next meal.

The History Of Indian Cuisine

Food from India is well known for being incredibly aromatic and loaded with beautiful spices that taste amazing in every dish. The country historically welcomed travellers from all over the world including South Asia, including Persia and Turkey, and their different tastes and food choices have slowly all fused to create the distinctive cuisine that we all know and love today.

What Is Different About Indian Food?

Many people mistakenly assume that Indian food is the same across the whole of India. They could not be more wrong. However, there are some core similarities: 

  • Rice – Indian food is typically eaten with rice.
  • Bread – is also a popular choice with Indian food particularly the chapatti or nan.
  • Fish – there are a variety of fish dishes that come with Indian food. 
  • Spices – spices are paramount in all Indian food and can vary from region to region. 

Are There Any Specific Etiquette Rules?

Every country has its own specific rules when it comes to the etiquette of enjoying a meal. In India, this etiquette is to eat in adundance and with many people. The main focus of etiquette rules in this country focus on providing high-quality hospitality and ensuring that your guest’s needs are fully met.

There is also a requirement to ensure that your table and utensils are properly organised, and if you are going to be a guest at someone’s event, then you may also take a gift with you to show your gratitude for the invite. Indian culture is incredibly respectful, and people continue this respect when sharing food.

Famous Indian Dishes

Every region in Bangladesh has its own speciality dish with many desserts and main courses taking pride of place. Here are some of the most famous choices:

  • Yoghurt Drinks  – this is a sweet yoghurt that is fermented and made from milk and sugar. It is incredibly popular across the entire country with many regions making their own versions.
  • Biryanai – a beautifully spiced rice dish that is well known and loved across the country and the globe.
  • Spiced Tea – enjoying a hot drink in India is a real treat, and the layered tea makes use of different types of tea in a glass for you to enjoy.

Try Our Amazing Food Today

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