Delicious Chicken Curry From Your Local Takeaway

When it comes to finding a delicious chicken curry from your local Chipstead takeaway, you should always look for an establishment that offers the best quality ingredients as well as the best service.

Many of us work long hours, and by removing the pressure of cooking, we can look forward to a restful evening. However, finding the best takeaway can be time-consuming so take a moment to check out our advice on what makes a great takeaway so that you can enjoy a delicious chicken curry without stress.

What Makes the Perfect Chicken Curry?

If you love a decent curry, you will know that the best types are made with a careful balance of spices and the freshest quality ingredients. The types of curry that will stay in your mind long after they have been eaten are often the ones that are made from family recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

Finding a place that can serve a curry as wonderful as this does not need to be difficult, especially in Chipstead. There is a range of great options for you to choose from and when you ask your local friends for recommendations, we are sure that they will tell you all about the Chipstead Tandoori and the great food we serve our customers.

What Is the Perfect Accompaniment With Curry?

Once you’ve found the curry you want to eat, take a moment to consider all the side dishes you can enjoy with it too! Fragrant rice dishes, comforting chips, bhajis and papadums – the choice is up to you. When you order from us, you can add as many sides to your order as you like – upgrading your meal to a feast on the weekend with friends or sticking to a healthier choice for a weeknight meal.

If you are enjoying your meal as a couple or a group, then make sure to choose a variety of dishes that everyone can share so that you get to taste a bit of everything, even if you may not have thought about ordering it for yourself. We’d be happy to deliver whatever appeals to you the most and are always on hand to make recommendations when you are unsure what to go for – just call us to talk about your options.

Try the Chipstead Tandoori Tonight

It’s clear that getting a delicious chicken curry from your local Chipstead takeaway is easier than you may think when you choose the Chipstead Tandoori. We only use the freshest ingredients, cooked to traditional recipes so that you can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

Our team are committed to providing the best service and delivery times, ensuring that you do not need to wait long before your dinner arrives. Why not try out our menu tonight and treat yourself to a relaxing evening at home with the ones you love. Call us today to order – we can’t wait to serve you.

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